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We just sold this House at 2808 38 Street in Vernon, BC.

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North Okanagan has a wide range of residential options for interested home buyers. There are a variety of apartments, condos, townhomes, and singe family houses to choose from. Among these, the top options that most people choose are condos and houses. If you decide to settle down in North Okanagan then you might want to consider these two options. Understanding the pros and cons in these two options would help you make a good decision so let's take a closer look.


North Okanagan is one big place. You would have to really take time to know the different areas. The three cities in this region include Armstrong, Enderby, and Vernon. Condo units and houses are available in all cities. Location has to be considered whenever you are particularly interested in your house's proximity to landmark buildings such as government buildings or public buildings such as schools. The city of Armstrong has four public facilities ranging from elementary to high school. Enderby has an elementary school and a high school as well.

Vernon has the most number of schools. It has fourteen elementary schools and five high schools. It also has a college. Aside from proximity to the school, you might also want your house to be near amenities like banks or grocery stores.


Cost is probably the most practical factor to consider when buying a home. Most people, before they even start shopping for a home, start with understanding their budget. They set a certain amount of money to spend for a house and that becomes their guide in selecting among the numerous available options. Condo and house prices range depending on their quality as well as their location. When it comes to condos and houses situated on the same area, it is usually the condos that offer more affordable rates. It is practical to get a small unit most especially if you are on your own or there are just you and your partner in your family. But consider also the fact that single family houses can really be something good to invest on and if you have a big family, then going for one is a good idea.


Flexibility is enjoyed more by people who choose to go for houses instead of condos. This is because of the rules implemented by condo owners associations. For example, in some condos, there are strict rules that range from a variety of areas including paint color selection and even schedules in taking out the garbage. With a family home, you can practically do anything you want with your home.  If you want to enjoy more flexibility when it comes to design, go for a house. Condos, on the other hand, might offer less flexibility but at least you would not have to worry about too many responsibilities. Why? Because usually, condo unit owners pay for condo fees and these are used for the maintenance of the surroundings.


Privacy is also an issue to tackle when choosing between homes and condos. Condo units tend to be close to each other. It is very possible to hear from your own unit the rumpus that your neighbours are making next door. That is why if you want to go for a condo unit, you might want to consider checking out your future neighbours; see the environment for yourself and see if they are considerate, especially during the wee hours of the night. On the other hand, having complete privacy can be achieved with a single family house because the houses are not situated too close together.


Condominiums usually have special amenities that its residents can enjoy. Some examples include gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a whole lot more. Such amenities are not usually enjoyed in some areas where single family houses are available. Though not as equally as important as the other factors in this list, the amount of amenities that you would enjoy might help you as to whether to go for a condo unit or a single family house.

Also, condo units have better security in general because of the installation of CCTV systems and other security systems. Although, it should also be noted that some single family houses situated in particular subdivisions or communities also enjoy some sort of security systems (usually managed by a homeowners' association).

North Okanagan certainly offers a lot of quality condo units and houses for anyone who is interested in becoming one of its residents. Of course, because the wide range of available options, it might take some time before you can make a decision on which property you would want to purchase.

Salt Team can offer useful assistance to anyone who is looking for a property in North Okanagan. We will do our very best to make sure you get the house that suits your taste as well as your budget. Contact us now and get a free quote today!


Bella Vista is one of the most popular areas in Vernon, BC for many real estate buyers. Do you know why this region looks so promising for many property seeking homeowners? Well, there are so many reasons for the attraction that Bella Vista hold, as you are about to find out:

Numerous residential options

Shopping for a good house in Bella Vista has never been fun and easier. The area consists of a variety of houses that suit the tastes and requirements of many. Whether one has a big family or a small one, it would not be that hard to look for a suitably-sized home. Apartments or townhomes are relatively inexpensive compared to most areas in BC.

Apartments and townhomes range from two hundred thousand to around five hundred thousand dollars. Single family homes can be as low as three hundred and twenty thousand. Architectural styles among houses vary, but majority can safely be classified as traditional in style. Also, condo lovers have the chance to live in their ideal community specifically on 27th Avenue. Other examples of available options include duplexes, fourplexes, and manufactured homes among others.

Beautiful scenery  

Bella Vista is the Italian translation for "beautiful sight." It indeed suits the lovely area in Vernon, BC. Most of the homes at Bella Vista offer a scenic view of the Okanagan Lake. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire BC because of its unmatched beauty. Imagine waking up early in the morning to the sight of this serene and awesome lake! Even houses that do not have a lake view still offer beautiful scenery from its surrounding natural settings.

Panoramic views can be enjoyed, most especially in the north side. The lush green hillside is a sought-after view for many. In general, houses enjoy a scenic view of the horizon where the heavenly skies meet with the majestic land formations. To live in a beautiful house is something. To live in a beautiful house situated at a beautiful spot is another. The scenery is indeed one of the top reasons why people go for Bella Vista as a neighbourhood to live in.

Recreational activities

Bella Vista is located in Vernon and this city is known for being a place where numerous recreational activities can be enjoyed. In the winter, one of the most popular sports is skiing. Other activities include curling, tennis, and golfing. In Bella Vista, one of the best options to consider is hiking on Grey Canal. It is a 1.6 km path with a gravel surface that is perfect for hikers.

Hiking is not only a healthy hobby that Bella Vista residents do but it is also a social activity to be enjoyed with friends or family. Another fun thing to do on Grey Canal aside from hiking is cycling. There are also amenities which can be enjoyed by certain communities. For example, those who are part of the Canadian Lakeview Estates can enjoy a shared beach area. This beautiful spot includes a dock and a boat launch.

Famed attractions

Tourists flock to Bella Vista because of two main reasons – the Davison Orchards and the Planet Bee Honey Farm.  Davison Orchards is a fun place, especially for families. There are a lot of farm animals here that both kids and adults can get to see. Animals include goats, sheep, chicken, and a donkey. The best thing about these animals is that they can be enjoyed without any admission fee at all. Of course, a tour of Davison Orchards will not be completed without having an orchard tour. One of the things that make Davison Orchards a popular destination is that special events such as weddings and birthdays can be celebrated there.

The other attraction in Bella Vista is the Planet Bee Honey Farm. It is also a fun destination, most especially for groups with kids. It is in this place where guests can learn a lot about honey farms and the honey-making process. Fifteen different floral varieties of honey can be tasted by guests for free. Of course, if guests want more, they can buy from the shop.  A visit to Planet Bee Honey Farm can be very educational and this is just one of the attractions that Bella Vista residents love in their area. It would not be a surprise if most of the homes in the area have some bottles of honey bought from the bee farm.

All in all, Bella Vista is a great place to live. It is a beautiful place that offers a lot of amenities and other options to its residents. It would not be too difficult to find the dream house that you would want to settle in. Of course, it would be a lot easier for you to find your ideal house if you consider hiring the help of Salt Team. You would definitely be satisfied with our expertise in the Bella Vista property market!


Hot New Listing! Lakefront Home for sale, 7636 Tronson Road, Vernon, BC in Adventure Bay.

Live your life as others do their vacation. On .68 acres with nearly 100 feet of Okanagan Lake water frontage, this spectacular lakeside home is bound to impress even the most discerning of critics. Inside, vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows brighten the spacious living room, and a wood fireplace adds incredible ambiance. The nearby kitchen is modernly-updated with, stainless steel, abundant counter space and cabinetry, and a breakfast nook off the space is ideal for casual dining while gazing out over the lake. More formal affairs are better suited for the lovely dining room. Also on the main level, a private master suite boasts private veranda access, as well as an ensuite bath with jetted tub, corner shower, and double closets. Below, a massive family room is perfect for entertaining, and three additional bedrooms await for children and guests. Multiple decks, including a sundeck on the water’s edge provide copious options for al fresco dining. Come see everything this waterfront charmer can offer you today. .

As always please do not hesitate to give the Salt Fowler Team at RE/MAX Vernon, a call at 250-549-7258 if we can answer any questions about this real estate listing, or if you would like to book a private showing.

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Vernon BC and North Okanagan Real Estate Market Update - November, 2014

**This North Okanagan Real Estate Market Update covers the areas of:  Vernon, Coldstream, Lumby, Falkland, Enderby and Armstrong


North Okanagan numbers for November of this year are still a slight improvement.  Not quite as exciting as previous months, however we are still moving in the right direction. 

North Okanagan overall sales statistics:

Total Units LISTED (and actively on the market) during each of the past 3 months:

September:  306
October:       234
November:   191

Most recent month as compared to 2013:  Down 9.14%

How can you tell it's getting close to holiday season?  When November ends, the market tends to have it's usual seasonal shutdown.  Although I expect our December numbers will still be improved from 2013 and we will end up with the best results market wise we have seen since the boom.  

Total Units SOLD (all property types including raw land and commercial) during each of the past 3 months:  

September:  188
October:       165
November:   120

Most recent month as compared to 2013:  Increase of 10.09%

Total RESIDENTIAL Units SOLD (includes houses, condos and manufactured homes for sale in Vernon BC) during each of the past 3 months: 

September:  168
October:       147
November:   99

Most recent month as compared to 2013:  Increase of 11.24%

Inventory - the "Competition" for Sellers and the "Choices" for Buyers:

September:  2151 listings on the market - 11.4 months of inventory
October:       1970 listings on the market - 11.9 months of inventory
November:   1966 listings on the market - 16.5 months of inventory

Year over year comparison versus November 2013:  1966 or 18 months of inventory (no, this isn't a typo - the exact same number of listings were on the market this time last year!  Purely coincidental.  However the months of inventory is more as the number of sales at this time last year were less, so the absorption in the market was less, making the number of months of inventory more.  Clear as mud?)

(These numbers are calculated based on the number of units currently on the market, at the rate they are currently selling)

To put this into perspective, as a ratio, 5.04% of the inventory sold in November, which still means nearly 94.96% of what is on the market did NOT sell.  These numbers are a definite improvement from 2013.  

Wrap Up:

Sellers:   We are back even with 2013 with the number of homes for sale in Vernon BC.  We aren't too worried about this at this time, as the absorption is better due to increased sales.  However we have to be conscious that our market here in the North Okanagan is highly dependent on the energy industry, and with oil prices plummeting, this is not good for our outlook.  

If you are unsure what your home is worth and just want some general info on house prices, please click here. 

Buyers:  Decreasing oil prices may cause some decline in the pricing in the Okanagan, although if history repeats itself (and it usually does), then we are in the upswing of the next bull market for houses in Vernon BC.  The next 6 months to one year will be an interesting time for us here!  What we do know is that interest rates are still incredibly low and we know that there is a lot more room up than there is down for rates.  Just one percentage point makes a huge difference in the interest paid over the life of a mortgage, so keep that in mind when you are considering waiting to see if prices are going to decrease.   Is the potential decline worth it, or could you be paying more in interest payments and ultimately far more for the house over your 25 -30 year mortgage??  

If you would like to view thousands of available homes all in one place, please visit our website and save some time and frustration:  Click here to View Thousands of Homes online in one place!   

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and a very successful 2015!!  CHEERS!!

Lisa, Gord, Chris, Glenn, Alex, Joanne and Greg (click here to contact one of our team)
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We just sold this Condo at #229 3505 38 Street, Vernon, BC in Alexis Park.

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We just sold this House at 718 Mt. Ida Drive, Coldstream, BC in Middleton Mountain.

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Buying a new home is never easy. It has requirements that you should be able to comply with and has some rudiments that should be followed. If you are new to this house hunting process, there are a few steps that you should remember. Here are some of them:

1. You have to be ready

Being a first time homeowner requires that you should be ready about the endeavour. This is no joke. You will put your money, time and effort in order to make this dream a reality. It is always a combination of emotions and finances and if you are not truly ready then buying your very own home for the first time will not be a success.

2. Get help from realtors

Being ready, of course, also requires getting support from experts in this area. In this case, you will need the help of realtors who can apparently help you come up with a sound decision. Realtors are professionals who would always guide you from getting and signing application forms to assessing your finances or how much you are willing to spend in this investment. They can walk you through the entire process even going out of their way to inspect and negotiate on your behalf. They can also explain why a house is priced like this when the other is priced another way.

3. Consult with a mortgage lender

This is crucial if you are a first time buyer. Your consultation with the mortgage lender will help you assess if you are really indeed ready to make the investment or not. They can help you determine how much you can afford for the purchase. It is best to get a mortgage pre-approval even before you begin searching for the home you are going to buy.

4. Start your search

When you have gone through all the first three steps, you will now be ready to go house hunting. Searching for a home can be both a delightful and scary experience. Add to that you may be overwhelmed with the thousands of choices you have. It is then important to educate yourself on how the local market goes. It is good news that an expert realtor can help you with that process. These professionals can even help you narrow down your search according to your priorities and what exactly it is you are looking for a home.

5. It is about time you make a choice

Once you have narrowed down your priorities, with the help of your chosen realtor, you will be more than ready to select the right place that will best suit you and your needs. It is true that it would be hard to figure out what the home's value will be in the next couple of years but if you have chosen what meets your actual needs and priorities, then you are safe. Meaning to say, you can be sure that you will live in that place for a long time and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

6. Get your funds ready

Even if you have known your priorities and have chosen the home you want to buy, everything else will fail if you have not realised where you will get your resources from. Funding is important and you have to weigh in if you can manage to pay the home without seeking help from financial or mortgage institutions. You have to know your options and make sure you have listed down all the costs that come with the purchase from the interest to the taxes to the closing costs related to the investment.

7. Prepare to make an offer

The price and terms are two factors that will affect your final decision when making this costly investment. You have to be familiar about how much more you may need to pay for the terms of the investment. Expect that this can be an additional cost on your part too. Making an offer will somehow make you come into terms with the seller.

8. Invest in the right insurance for your new home

Some people forget the importance of getting their home insured. Well, real estate insurance, per se, will protect you and your property in case of catastrophe. Having insurance in place will definitely go a long way for you and this investment.

9. Get the deal closed

When you have gone through all the steps above, you can now bring the transaction into a close. Ask the seller what else is needed in the process and also make sure your realtors are there to help you make the final decision that can affect your life.

There may still be other steps to take which may not have been included above. You have to familiarise yourself with all of them. Making the investment is never easy but contacting an expert when it comes to Vernon homes for sale or for other Canadian properties that are being sold in the Okanagan region will certainly aid your house hunting journey.

If you think you cannot buy a home with bad credit, think again. The truth is that you can even with such a credit score. However, you must take note that doing so might be more expensive compared to those who have good credit. It also requires time and effort on your part. At this point, there are things you can and cannot afford and it pays to take note of things to consider when purchasing a home with bad credit.

Improve your credit score

One of the first things you may need to consider if you intend to buy a new home and you have a bad credit score is to somehow improve that score and make it better. You can do so by keeping track of your debt and making sure you have settled such debts once and for all. Once you have paid these debts, you will be ready to tackle the new mortgage.

Calculate your finances

You have to take your finances into account when you are deciding to buy a home even with bad credit. Ask yourself: "Am I ready to pay for the new home?" Take note that with a bed credit, you once faced struggles with your finances. While buying a new home can help you build better financial stability, you also have to take note that investing in a new home requires a lot of money so to speak. Try to see how your financial means can meet your need for a new home.

Consider the down payment too

As mentioned awhile back, owning a home can be costlier if you have bad credit than when you have good credit. You should expect then that you might as well pay for a larger down payment with that not-so-good credit. Basically, you will be required to pay at least 20% of the home's value. If you can go beyond that minimum requirement then you will have better chances of attracting lenders to grant mortgage to help you pay for the remaining balance. Paying a higher down payment than what is basically required will give lenders the presumption that you are committed in paying the loan according to their terms.

Make the necessary documentation

Your financial history counts. You have to make sure that when you are making a mortgage for this new home, then you should talk to your lenders about your financial history. Give them the documents they need and explain why you had a bad score in the past. Perhaps, you had an unstable job back then but now, you can explain that you are more than ready to pay your mortgage because you have a stable source of income.

Effort is important

Financial advisors always understand the reasons as to why you may have had a bad credit score in the past. However, you also have to exert your own effort to improve your standing in the market. Building a good credit score is an obligation and settling your debts is part and parcel of the requirements to improve your credit standing. If you intend to own a new home, you have to take your finances into account. It will pay to wait until such time that you know you are financially stable.

Consider where you can make the right investment

Considering where you can make the right investment means knowing right then and there where you will stay for good. You do not want spending money and investing on a property that you will leave behind 5 years from now. Buying a new home, especially for people with bad credit will mean making an effort to pay the loan in a shorter period of time. Definitely, though, you might not end up paying for the entire amount in 5 years if you are trying to work things out. If you will leave the place in 5 years, it will not be a good idea to purchase a new home just yet.

Never rush things

You do not have to rush things if you want to own a new home and you have a bad credit score at the moment. Take time out to reflect at the mistakes you may have committed in the past and see why it resulted to something that is unfavourable for your financial standing. Make all necessary assessments of your financial history and see how ready you are for a new obligation. An obligation requires commitment and you can start being committed by improving your credit score and building a better credit reputation. When you are ready, there is enough reason for you to take a peaceful sleep at night even when you know there is a new mortgage to pay.

Ask expert help

There is always someone out there who can guide you all the way in your wanting to buy a new home even when it seems like you are not capable of doing so. Seeking that much-needed help will actually make you realise that there is a solution to your problem. Talk to us. We are more than ready to help you find the right investment with North Okanagan real estate.


In the Okanagan region of British Columbia lies the beautiful city of Vernon. If you are looking for a place to live in, Vernon is definitely a good option to consider. Why? Because it is a very beautiful city! Here are the top reasons why it is considered a beautiful spot in Canada.


Vernon is a very beautiful city because of its environment - both natural and man-made. Vernon City provides an excellent view of majestic mountains and land formations which also provide a scenic backdrop for any resident's home. It is always a nice sight whenever the sunlight shines on the lush green areas of the cities with some of these being slightly shaded because of the moving clouds in the clear blue sky.

Vernon also offers a number of public parks that are well-maintained. Of course, aside from the natural environment of the city, the man-made structures are to be beheld as well. Most establishments do not feature architectural grandeur. Nevertheless, their simplicity is what made them nice-looking. With the numerous beautiful homes in the city, one can surely take pride in saying that he has a home in Vernon.


Vernon has a very wonderful climate. In general, it has a humid continental climate which is pleasing to a lot of people. The warm months are usually the ones starting from March to October with July typically being the warmest. It is in these months when Vernon becomes a nice summer getaway for tourists. Most of the tourists usually come from Europe looking for a nice warm climate to enjoy trekking, biking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Vernon also has some rainy days but what most people like about the climate in this part of Canada is the winter days. The climate then becomes excellent for numerous fun activities like shoesnowing, snowmobiling, and of course, skiing. Basically, Vernon has a well-rounded climate and a lot of its resident like that.


Residents who live in Vernon, known as Vernonites, are beautiful inside and out. Of course, it is the people of a certain place that makes the latter a wonderful area to live in. In 2013, Vernon has reached a population of 40,000 and this made it the largest city in the regional district of North Okanagan. A lot of people here are fluent in both English and French.

There are also numerous minority groups as well, most of which come from Southeast Asia like the Indians and the Chinese. Because of the huge amount of people coming from various cultural backgrounds, Vernon has a mixed international culture in general. This is good news for those who feel like they would not feel a sense of belongingness whenever they transfer to Vernon. It is easy to make friends there not only with those sharing the same cultural background but the others as well.

Arts industry

The city of Vernon has a big space in its heart for the arts. Numerous artists and art lovers flock to Vernon yearly because of the numerous art festivals being held there. Film is a very big thing in Vernon and it boasts one of the most successful film cultures in the whole country. There is the Vernon Film Society which holds to large film festivals yearly. There is also The Vernone's Town Cinema where numerous films are shown as well as fun and awesome stage plays.

There are even art classes and workshops being sponsored by various groups. Another thing to consider is the Creative Chaos art fair where people can sell and buy artistic beauties - most of which are handmade. For those who like murals, there is the large art collection of Michelle Loughery. The place for the arts in Vernon is truly one of the best reasons why it is a beautiful city.

Dining scene

Another thing that makes a city beautiful is its availability of good places to eat. It is safe to say that a city that does not have enough good food shacks is not a well-developed city at all. It is a good thing Vernon has a lot of awesome restaurants to offer to its residents as well as tourists. In fact, numerous people flock to Vernon most especially at night to have dinner in its fabulous restaurants.

Finding a good place to eat at is not that difficult regardless of your budget and your craving. For instance, if you want affordable breakfast treats you would want to consider Mug and Muffin. If you are craving a certain international cuisine, like Italian perhaps, you might want to go somewhere like Tita's Italian Bistro. Other restaurants that are worthy of mention include Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille, Jim's Place, and Deer Park Restaurant to name a few.

If you agree that Vernon City is a beautiful place that can enhance your lifestyle then you might want to start looking for a property here. Get the help of Salt Fowler Team, the best realtors in Vernon City!
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